Young Athletes Gifting

Fix Up, Look Sharp

In the lead up to Christmas we created a targeted memorable experience and loud buzz for the Young Athletes. Creating a consistent experience both in-store and online to ultimately ignite their love of sneakers. A full consumer strategy and retail directive was created to launch this Young Athlete experience.


We were tasked with rewarding Nike’s youngest consumers during the holidays, without showering them with freebies.

So we created an in-store styling bar, where Young Athletes could get stuck in with customising their sneaks. The styling bar was a space where Nike could connect, involve and teach the Young Athletes to let their personal style shine. We provided a full range of laces, bespoke patches (for laces) and step by step visuals for a number of different lacing styles. As we knew it was holiday season - a time where they probably weren’t receiving the shoes straight away - we created shoe practice cards, enabling the Young athletes to practice their lace styling and then take it home with them.This takeaway ultimately enabled Nike to continue the story and extend their relationship past the in-store experience.

There was also a need to target their online consumer. So a competition was set to celebrate the Young athletes achievements - we asked the Young Athletes to tell us their proudest moments form the last year.

A number of Young Athletes were selected and gifted on Christmas eve with a special gift. We designed a bespoke shoe box, housing a fresh pair of AF'1’s , as well as a full customisation pack containing patches, laces, practice cards and a step by step poster.

The full experience was activated across the whole of EMEA both online and in-store. We created a full retail directive that contained everything that all markets needed to create their own version fo the lace styling experience and activate the Young Athletes.