Topman Christmas Window


Miracle on Oxford Street

Topman challenged us to tell a new story of Christmas on the high street, during a time of beautiful and eye-catching window decorations that stop passers-by and compel them to take in the special time of year how would Topman cut through and get people in store. 

Knowing the window straddled a long period of time we created an experience that was able to showcase an ever-changing visual story. 

All I want for Christmas!

Through this experience Topman was able to have a new conversation with the high street consumer - a conversation where people stopped their hectic Christmas shopping, if only for a moment, to take in something beautiful and unique and consider checking out the store. Showcasing the brand in a new light it formed relationships of new and cemented existing relationships and established Topman as a pinnacle shopping experience during the Christmas period. 

The ever changing window

To  make this an adaptable first of it's kind retail window a system was built to be fully flexible and autonomously managed by Topman. Appropriate animations, selected according to campaign timings, were able to be quickly and simply chosen by Topman staff via a simple app-style interface, allowing the brand team to be able to react quickly to any changes or ideas that came through in an ever changing period.

‘It’s a momentous and innovative project that is sure to capture the attention of even the most jaded Oxford Street shopper,’
— Senior Creative Brand Manager : Topman