Mercurial Launch Nike Town London


Retail Theatre at its fastest

Nike Town London is Nikes pinnacle European store, and they needed to tell the story of the Mercurial in a theatrical way whilst also being commercially driven. The story of speed and football culture had to be shown in an inspirational and informative way to connect with the passing consumer. 

With this in mind we had to create an experience that had a number of stages to it working to intrigue the consumer and draw them into the central installation - the heart of the science of speed. This enabled us to create a retail space filled with rich visual storytelling, educational show pieces and ultimately a space that consumers wanted to share through social. 

The System of Speed


The Core

The central core was the heart of the experience - where the whole consumer journey came to an end. Within this space we wanted to visually tell the story of The Science of Speed in a way that echoed the idea of speed and innovation. A speed circle was created using LED strips (produced by OMM) and a series of programmed visuals that created movement within the retail space. This became the backdrop to a step by step display of the full kit that made up the System of Speed, from sock through to the full outfit