Mercedes Concept A-Class Launch

Merc backdrop.png

Surprise and inspire with a new concept. 

A new concept car launch gave us the chance to tell the story of a brand looking forward and going in a new direction. A brand that was looking to create an unexpected experience to acquire a new audience and following. 

To reach the new audience we knew that Mercedes had to go to them and more importantly get to them locally. We took the new Concept A-Class on a nationwide tour of 8 shopping centres. Creating an experience based on the idea of discovery and anticipation, showcasing the car in an interactive setting bringing the audience closer to the car and the brand. 

Looking Forward

This activation allowed us to have a conversation around automotive innovation and tech as well as showcasing the lifestyle the brand stands for. This experience enabled Mercedes to establish a new relationship with a new consumer base and inspired consumers to want to know more and be part of the brand. 

Seeing is believing

The car was housed in a glass box, being a concept car it needed protecting from a host of things. This whole box sat inside a mirror reveal box, at intervals through the day it would open to reveal the car -  within creating an unexpected, surprising moment. To add to this we created a forest like installation of light poles that were interactive to sound, which allowed us to invite the public to speak into microphones and create their own personal light-scapes across the poles.

+ 8 Locations
30M+ Social reach
50k in person Sign Ups