Jordan Consumer Experience


It's more than what I wear

For the new flagship Jordan store in Paris we needed to tell the story about the Jordan brand and it’s products whilst enabling consumers with a love of the brand to add their own voice to their product and the Jordan story. 

By creating a bespoke in-store consumer journey centred around customisation and personal service, we were able to create an experience of engagement, curation and personalisation.

Collaborate and Listen

This new consumer experience allowed us to create conversations both in and out of store around co-creation with a brand and truly cement the love for the Jordan sneakers. It enabled us to create a fresh take on how the brand engaged with collectors, tourists and sneaker-heads alike. From this we established relationships where consumers saw the Jordan brand in a new light, and would consider the Bastille store as the premium outlet offering the bespoke sneaker experience.

Consumer Journey Visual

The ultimate takeaway

To elevate the customisation process above all other contenders we wanted to tap in to the idea of the collectable. We knew the sneaker heads like to collect exclusive pieces and that the high volume of tourists that came to the store would also want to take a momento of their visit. So we created a premium graphics suite all wrapped in a basketball texture. Included were menu cards, order cards, the jump man gold stamp and the envelope that wrapped them all together with a date and a jump man sign off. A full handbook on Jordan and the customisation process was created to further the interaction with the Atelier staff, the brand and the consumer. 

A benchmark in the world for customisation and personalization. We received great feedback from our global partners, and the numbers are also very positive! Parisian consumers just love the atelier experience!!
— Jordan Brand Manager EMEA