John Smedley


Where heritage and craft meet fashion

We were asked by John Smedley to help tell their story of heritage and craft to the fashion audience of London Fashion Week Mens. It was a story of true British beginnings, fine craftsmanship and how this brand had entered the modern realms of fashion to become a premium offering. 

Over two seasons we created experiences that enabled the fashionistas, public and press to get close to the brand, see the product in action and elevate them to a must see show in the Fashion Week schedule. Live presentations with a retail consumer element to them all set in an environment that reflected the collection and brand were created. 

Heritage creates authenticity to establish relationships

Allowing the audience to get close to the product on the models and on the rails enabled us to form conversations that cemented the authenticity of the brand. Placing John Smedley in to these environments made it easy to attract a new audience to the brand to form new relationships but also strenghten or even ignite older relationships.