Olympics Club House

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An experience of immersion in pure sport.

The Clubhouse allowed us to tell a story of Olympic athletes, their achievements and Nike's commitment to helping them get there through their innovation.

We created a space dedicated to heritage and continuous innovation, highlighting the long road that brought Nike to where it is now in terms of helping athletes acheive the best they can. 

If you have a body, you are an athlete

Creating a conversation around Nike's commitment to helping athletes achieve the best results possible in turn began or strengthened the relationship between consumer and brand. A relationship of inspiration, showing the consumer the connection between Nike and top athletes and strengthening their brand mission - To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete

Spike Innovation

Part of the showcase was to deliver the launch of a new innovation. A track shoe with a spike like none before. - so we chose to create a visual display that echoed that sentiment. Keeping within the language of running we created a track shaped installation filled with Ferro Fluid. We created a moving undulating series of spikes that appeared through a seemingly solid liquid using a number of moving magnets. 

What was created was an abstract shape that seemed to magically appear as if alive from the black pool of fluid, at the time this was the largest Ferro Fluid display made. 

The World’s largest ferro fluid display
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