Air Max Day


A celebration of craft and innovation. 

Air Max day gave us a rich tapestry of stories, stories that needed to be told in many ways. These came together to  tell the story of three iconic designers who shaped Nike Air Max, one of Nike's true icons. A story of the people behind the product, their unique approach to a fan favourite and the way they shaped it's history. 

Through these stories we were able to create a series of experiences that offers a taste of the creativity and creation behind the shoe.

Dedicating a number of Nikes' neighbourhood doors, some of London's most popular local sneaker stores, to each of the designers we made a shopping experience unique to them and their process. We dedicated Nike Town Londons central cube to their members and gave them access to exclusive experiences. Finally to create the memories for Air Max day we created a shareable moment that allowed the consumer to jump into air max day and float.

Experience the air

These series of authentic experiences enabled us to have a conversation about creativity and creation, about love for the sneakers and the innovation behind the Air Max. These conversations allowed new relationships to be formed and old relationships to be cemented between consumers and the people responsible for the shoe they love. A relationship based on a shared passion of the love of the sneaker between the maker and the wearer. 



The local stores offered us the chance to connect with the sneakerhead audience. An audience so important to the existence of Air Max day. So we offered them the chance to see the shoe first, with each store representing the one designer they were forced to travel store to store to see the new shoes before release.  In store displays based on each designers process and their particular Air Max were created and then we offered the sneakerheads the chance to win a 3D printed version of the shoe through a red reveal competition. 


The NTL cube gave us the opportunity to talk directly to Nike Members but also allowed us the chance to cause enough intrigue that we created new members. 

A customisation space was created for the true sneaker fan. They were able to get a series of sneaker jewellery customised with bespoke icons created solely for Air Max Day. As well as having the Air Max cleaned with a dedicated cleaning service. The space also offered a deeper education into the designers. 


Air Max Day is a great opportunity to spread the story of Air Max and so with this in mind we created a shareable that dialled into the fun of the Visual aesthetic but deepened the story of the innovation. We shared a series of GIFS with the consumers that made them appear to be floating in the middle of an AMD branded space. 

+ 62k Views and engagements on Instagram of the shareable clip

+ Highest grossing sales on record of the Air Max shoes at Nike Town London on Air Max day 2016