Air Max Day Planet Air

Planet Air 1

Turning Imagination Into Reality

To tell the Air Max story to young athlete’s, we amp-ed up the play in sport and injected fun into the innovation. This was a story that had to engage two types of consumer - the Young Athletes and their parents who ultimately buy the product. The goal was to appeal to the YA's who wanted to be part of the visual story of style and looking cool, and then to the parents who wanted to know the sneaker supported their child's lifestyle. 


Air Since 1987

We created a consumer journey and in-store fixtures that played into the curious nature of both child and adult. All of this intrigue and playfulness was housed in one central large fixture - The Planet Air. This planet-like fixture appeared to float in the middle of the store, on closer inspection it house inspiration and educational moments. Floating within a colour changing dome was the full history of air, on the outside ring, corresponding airbags were placed allowing the consumers to touch and feel them. This offered interactivity and helped with the Nike service offering from store staff whilst offering peace of mind to the parents. 

All consumers loved the idea, parents were sharing their Nike memories with their kids and Adults were remembering their Nike shoes of past. Consumers were able to hold and touch the air units which makes it easier for Athletes to explain the benefits. It is definitely a nice touch to the whole experience.
— Retail Brand Manager Young athletes