Air Max Day Planet Air

Planet Air 1

Turning Imagination Into Reality

To tell the Air Max story to young athlete’s, we amp-ed up the play in sport and injected fun into the innovation. This was a story that had to engage two types of consumer - the Young Athletes and their parents who ultimately buy the product. The goal was to appeal to the YA's who wanted to be part of the visual story of style and looking cool, and then to the parents who wanted to know the sneaker supported their child's lifestyle. 


Air Since 1987

We created a consumer journey and in-store fixtures that played into the curious nature of both child and adult. All of this intrigue and playfulness was housed in one central large fixture - The Planet Air. This planet-like fixture appeared to float in the middle of the store, on closer inspection it house inspiration and educational moments. Floating within a colour changing dome was the full history of air, on the outside ring, corresponding airbags were placed allowing the consumers to touch and feel them. This offered interactivity and helped with the Nike service offering from store staff whilst offering peace of mind to the parents. 

All consumers loved the idea, parents were sharing their Nike memories with their kids and Adults were remembering their Nike shoes of past. Consumers were able to hold and touch the air units which makes it easier for Athletes to explain the benefits. It is definitely a nice touch to the whole experience.
— Retail Brand Manager Young athletes

Olympics Club House

Olympics 2.jpg

An experience of immersion in pure sport.

The Clubhouse allowed us to tell a story of Olympic athletes, their achievements and Nike's commitment to helping them get there through their innovation.

We created a space dedicated to heritage and continuous innovation, highlighting the long road that brought Nike to where it is now in terms of helping athletes acheive the best they can. 

If you have a body, you are an athlete

Creating a conversation around Nike's commitment to helping athletes achieve the best results possible in turn began or strengthened the relationship between consumer and brand. A relationship of inspiration, showing the consumer the connection between Nike and top athletes and strengthening their brand mission - To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete

Spike Innovation

Part of the showcase was to deliver the launch of a new innovation. A track shoe with a spike like none before. - so we chose to create a visual display that echoed that sentiment. Keeping within the language of running we created a track shaped installation filled with Ferro Fluid. We created a moving undulating series of spikes that appeared through a seemingly solid liquid using a number of moving magnets. 

What was created was an abstract shape that seemed to magically appear as if alive from the black pool of fluid, at the time this was the largest Ferro Fluid display made. 

The World’s largest ferro fluid display
15M Social Reach
15% of New Members Generated

Mercedes Concept A-Class Launch

Merc backdrop.png

Surprise and inspire with a new concept. 

A new concept car launch gave us the chance to tell the story of a brand looking forward and going in a new direction. A brand that was looking to create an unexpected experience to acquire a new audience and following. 

To reach the new audience we knew that Mercedes had to go to them and more importantly get to them locally. We took the new Concept A-Class on a nationwide tour of 8 shopping centres. Creating an experience based on the idea of discovery and anticipation, showcasing the car in an interactive setting bringing the audience closer to the car and the brand. 

Looking Forward

This activation allowed us to have a conversation around automotive innovation and tech as well as showcasing the lifestyle the brand stands for. This experience enabled Mercedes to establish a new relationship with a new consumer base and inspired consumers to want to know more and be part of the brand. 

Seeing is believing

The car was housed in a glass box, being a concept car it needed protecting from a host of things. This whole box sat inside a mirror reveal box, at intervals through the day it would open to reveal the car -  within creating an unexpected, surprising moment. To add to this we created a forest like installation of light poles that were interactive to sound, which allowed us to invite the public to speak into microphones and create their own personal light-scapes across the poles.

+ 8 Locations
30M+ Social reach
50k in person Sign Ups

Air Max Day


A celebration of craft and innovation. 

Air Max day gave us a rich tapestry of stories, stories that needed to be told in many ways. These came together to  tell the story of three iconic designers who shaped Nike Air Max, one of Nike's true icons. A story of the people behind the product, their unique approach to a fan favourite and the way they shaped it's history. 

Through these stories we were able to create a series of experiences that offers a taste of the creativity and creation behind the shoe.

Dedicating a number of Nikes' neighbourhood doors, some of London's most popular local sneaker stores, to each of the designers we made a shopping experience unique to them and their process. We dedicated Nike Town Londons central cube to their members and gave them access to exclusive experiences. Finally to create the memories for Air Max day we created a shareable moment that allowed the consumer to jump into air max day and float.

Experience the air

These series of authentic experiences enabled us to have a conversation about creativity and creation, about love for the sneakers and the innovation behind the Air Max. These conversations allowed new relationships to be formed and old relationships to be cemented between consumers and the people responsible for the shoe they love. A relationship based on a shared passion of the love of the sneaker between the maker and the wearer. 



The local stores offered us the chance to connect with the sneakerhead audience. An audience so important to the existence of Air Max day. So we offered them the chance to see the shoe first, with each store representing the one designer they were forced to travel store to store to see the new shoes before release.  In store displays based on each designers process and their particular Air Max were created and then we offered the sneakerheads the chance to win a 3D printed version of the shoe through a red reveal competition. 


The NTL cube gave us the opportunity to talk directly to Nike Members but also allowed us the chance to cause enough intrigue that we created new members. 

A customisation space was created for the true sneaker fan. They were able to get a series of sneaker jewellery customised with bespoke icons created solely for Air Max Day. As well as having the Air Max cleaned with a dedicated cleaning service. The space also offered a deeper education into the designers. 


Air Max Day is a great opportunity to spread the story of Air Max and so with this in mind we created a shareable that dialled into the fun of the Visual aesthetic but deepened the story of the innovation. We shared a series of GIFS with the consumers that made them appear to be floating in the middle of an AMD branded space. 

+ 62k Views and engagements on Instagram of the shareable clip

+ Highest grossing sales on record of the Air Max shoes at Nike Town London on Air Max day 2016

Topman Christmas Window


Miracle on Oxford Street

Topman challenged us to tell a new story of Christmas on the high street, during a time of beautiful and eye-catching window decorations that stop passers-by and compel them to take in the special time of year how would Topman cut through and get people in store. 

Knowing the window straddled a long period of time we created an experience that was able to showcase an ever-changing visual story. 

All I want for Christmas!

Through this experience Topman was able to have a new conversation with the high street consumer - a conversation where people stopped their hectic Christmas shopping, if only for a moment, to take in something beautiful and unique and consider checking out the store. Showcasing the brand in a new light it formed relationships of new and cemented existing relationships and established Topman as a pinnacle shopping experience during the Christmas period. 

The ever changing window

To  make this an adaptable first of it's kind retail window a system was built to be fully flexible and autonomously managed by Topman. Appropriate animations, selected according to campaign timings, were able to be quickly and simply chosen by Topman staff via a simple app-style interface, allowing the brand team to be able to react quickly to any changes or ideas that came through in an ever changing period.

‘It’s a momentous and innovative project that is sure to capture the attention of even the most jaded Oxford Street shopper,’
— Senior Creative Brand Manager : Topman

Mercurial Launch Milan


The philosophy of speed with the culture of Football

To launch the new Mercurial boot we told the story of speed and football culture and how the Mercurial epitomises the combination of these two elements. 

To showcase these elements we created an experience of education and inspiration for the attendees and also the fans watching on. The result was an event space filled with rich visual storytelling of speed and football, centred around the heart of the Mercurial shoe. 


House of  Speed

Creating this experience in the heart of Italy, we instigated conversations around the new Mercurial - it’s impact on the sport, it’s rich heritage and culture and it’s roots in Milan. We were able to showcase the full story and allow guests to experience first hand the full potential of the shoe. From having your own bespoke Mercurial made through to being able to race against Cristiano Ronaldo, we were able to create a relationship based on reverence for football and it’s icons, both players and shoes alike. Strengthening their brand mission “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete”.


Everyone can be an Athlete

All activations in the House of Speed gave the consumers the chance to try the product on and become an athlete of their own. Photo-booths, 5 a side football pitches and a digital shareable where you could see if you were as fast as Ronaldo were created around the central installation - a visual representation of the system of speed kit. 

20M+ Organic Reach
21K Total Visits
5K Product Trials
20K Member Registration


Jordan Consumer Experience


It's more than what I wear

For the new flagship Jordan store in Paris we needed to tell the story about the Jordan brand and it’s products whilst enabling consumers with a love of the brand to add their own voice to their product and the Jordan story. 

By creating a bespoke in-store consumer journey centred around customisation and personal service, we were able to create an experience of engagement, curation and personalisation.

Collaborate and Listen

This new consumer experience allowed us to create conversations both in and out of store around co-creation with a brand and truly cement the love for the Jordan sneakers. It enabled us to create a fresh take on how the brand engaged with collectors, tourists and sneaker-heads alike. From this we established relationships where consumers saw the Jordan brand in a new light, and would consider the Bastille store as the premium outlet offering the bespoke sneaker experience.

Consumer Journey Visual

The ultimate takeaway

To elevate the customisation process above all other contenders we wanted to tap in to the idea of the collectable. We knew the sneaker heads like to collect exclusive pieces and that the high volume of tourists that came to the store would also want to take a momento of their visit. So we created a premium graphics suite all wrapped in a basketball texture. Included were menu cards, order cards, the jump man gold stamp and the envelope that wrapped them all together with a date and a jump man sign off. A full handbook on Jordan and the customisation process was created to further the interaction with the Atelier staff, the brand and the consumer. 

A benchmark in the world for customisation and personalization. We received great feedback from our global partners, and the numbers are also very positive! Parisian consumers just love the atelier experience!!
— Jordan Brand Manager EMEA

Mercurial Launch Nike Town London


Retail Theatre at its fastest

Nike Town London is Nikes pinnacle European store, and they needed to tell the story of the Mercurial in a theatrical way whilst also being commercially driven. The story of speed and football culture had to be shown in an inspirational and informative way to connect with the passing consumer. 

With this in mind we had to create an experience that had a number of stages to it working to intrigue the consumer and draw them into the central installation - the heart of the science of speed. This enabled us to create a retail space filled with rich visual storytelling, educational show pieces and ultimately a space that consumers wanted to share through social. 

The System of Speed


The Core

The central core was the heart of the experience - where the whole consumer journey came to an end. Within this space we wanted to visually tell the story of The Science of Speed in a way that echoed the idea of speed and innovation. A speed circle was created using LED strips (produced by OMM) and a series of programmed visuals that created movement within the retail space. This became the backdrop to a step by step display of the full kit that made up the System of Speed, from sock through to the full outfit