How do we get kids moving and give them a break from their screens? How do we give them a chance to get out there and play with their favorite YouTubers? Create a must experience, sport court at the heart of Vidcon, on display for the internet to see.


We injected sport in a disruptive & playful way that inspired kids to start moving and unlock the possibilities through the Vidcon sport court. We showed them sport matters and that play is a platform for their dreams. Refreshed each day 3 days of bespoke programming around 3 of the most popular sports: basketball, soccer, and skateboarding. We accented the play with inspirational Meet & greets, giving kids a chance to team up with their favourite stars. 

The influence of YouTube and social as an edutainment tool in the lives of the stars of tomorrow is undeniable. Nike wants to inspire above all things, so having an awe-inspiring experience that shows kids the power of play at the biggest event in social, the 10th anniversary of Vidcon in Anaheim, was a walk-off grand slam opportunity. 

Through a fully integrated kid-centric journey, we didn’t tell people to play, we invited them to the heart of the action. We had to create the most iconic and awe-inspiring court these kids have ever seeing, making getting moving as natural as running at full speed for free ice-cream. We created bespoke programming around 3 of the most popular and democratic sports: basketball, soccer and skateboarding, jam-packed with gamified, movement-based experiences, fresh unlocks and even a chance to best the athletes that these kids look up to most.