Christmas with a twist

Topman has one of the biggest windows on Oxford Street as part of their flagship store in London. How do they create a window that can be changed visually to connect with many different campaigns. Whilst also creating a show stopping moment day and night at Christmas - a time where every retailer is showing their best side. 




To launch Christmas at Topman we partnered with Projection artworks and created a ever changing window through using state of the art daylight projection mapping. 

Prisms that appeared to be rising out of the ground were animated with a series of different visuals. these visuals were able to change at the push of a button so creating the most reactive window they had had. It meant during a long campaign of 3 months the window continued to evolved and change allowing the passing consumer something new and surprising to see. The visuals and concept were then weaved throughout the interior of the store allowing consumers to continue their experience and make it a cohesive one in side the store. 

A proprietary system was built, that projects artistically mapped 3D animations across the window’s Arctic themed geometric shapes to bring the window to life. Most of the animation sequences serve specific campaign objectives. For example, when it’s time to promote Christmas jumpers, a knitting-themed ‘film’, which has been mapped to the scene’s geometric shapes, will be projected across the display. In between campaigns, the blank ‘canvas’ will come alive courtesy of striking visuals such as stark graphical patterns that follow the creative concept of ‘The Arctic’


Creative Direction
3D & 2D Design
Conception and Ideation
Event Concept
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