At its core we are a small studio, with a diverse range of talented people, who work side by side with our brand partners in the most authentic way.

Rumour Has It is a creative agency that delivers experiences for humans and brands alike. Delivering thought provoking creative, that derives from the knowledge of the consumer, culture and the collaboration with the brand.

We were created with the knowledge that we know experience and we know how to shape the journey, something that was extremely important to Simon the founder of Rumour Has It. With his background in theatre, event and retail design he brings a new perspective to experience and service design. This provides authentic understanding of how to connect with an audience not just through aesthetics but through emotional connections.

Believing if we can connect with people on the emotional, sensory level, then we can connect them to the heart of the brand. This fuels Simon and his team and also sets Rumour Has It apart from other creative design agencies in the experience space. We don’t just design the space we know how to use the space.

Ultimately we strive to be something different in the industry, to create waves. We are a truly collaborative friend, an agency that wears their heart on their sleeve and becomes a partner rather than just another agency.




Translating the brand story, creating the Consumer journey and defining the brand experiences

Creative Studio

Building the brand experience from the brief to the architecture of the live experience


All aspects to realise the creative vision from 2D, 3D, asset creation, digital and guidelines


R&D and prototyping through to orchestration of the production from start to finish

Our Clients