HO18 Utility Pack

Break Weather Barriers

Nike wanted to showcase their most protective, lightweight, style-forward running product at store level. They had built a campaign around telling stories that spoke directly to the consumer about the joy of running in extreme conditions if they have the right gear.


Run Utility is Nike’s full spectrum approach to running in the elements.

We created a consumer journey and in-store experience that gave runner the tools they needed to conquer the cold season. By telling the story of the innovations in an emotive and meaningful way we were able to clearly present what Run Utility is and does. Alway leading with footwear we delivered a journey that made a solid connection to the Utility apparel to showcase a layering system needed to keep them running longer.

Retail Directives were created for London, Paris and Berlin, these were then used for rolling out across the rest of the EMEMA markets. The directives covered window to floor, over all gender categories.

Our consumer journey enabled us to consistently communicate clear product benefits, streamlining the purchasing process and ultimately, empowering the runner to get the product in their feet.