Bringing speed to retail

The new Mercurial was built around Science and Speed and was more than just one boot it was a series of pieces that came together to create the Science of Speed.

Bring the Science of Speed alive in Nike Town London and create an experience and spectacle to interact with consumers in a powerful and unexpected way. 



We had delivered the creative for a larger activation and were tasked with re-creating a version of it for retail.

Taking the idea of the Science of Speed and combining art and innovation an unexpected retail experience was created for shoppers. We broke the usual retail consumer journey by creating installation moments that drew consumers in bit by bit until they entered a semi circle of high octane installation.

The were greeted with an F1 car and imagery from the campaign this began the excitement around the idea of speed and created the intrigue needed to carry on in store. Product displays greeted the customer and gave them the opportunity to actually touch the product. The whole journey drew the shopper into the core where the main speed experience lived. A piece made from led strips that circulated content and imagery to represent the speed the system bought to the wearer. This showcase deconstructed the products in the Science of Speed and gave an immersive light show..