Mercurial Launch Milan

The House Of Speed

We were asked to build a consumer activation that allowed the visitors to experience the philosophy of fast, the culture and heritage of football and showcase Nike’s new innovations. 


A speakeasy type event was created, replicating the beginning of the most recent advertising campaign you found yourself walking though Ronaldo’s courtyard into his secret boot room and then ending up in the heart of Mercurial.  Consumers were invited to view a showcase of the evolution if the Mercurial, take part in training sessions, whilst wearing the new product, and compete against the likes of Christians Ronaldo in a virtual speed test. 

With Milan being the birth place of the Mercurial we used the Champions league to elevate the presence of the boot. Whilst we used the lens of speed to look to the future we  celebrated the history by creating our very own Montabelluna factory on site. A select few consumers got the star treatment and had a Mercurial boot made for them just as all of Nikes athletes do. The shoes were presented the next day in special display case.