Feel The Force

The holiday season for Nike was all about Force, launching across all departments in Nike Town London. We created a full Force takeover designed to hero the new Sage Lace for Women - being promoted by Jorga Smith. We also launched BNA with AF1’s across Men’s Women’s and Young Athletes.


The Force Is Female


To create the retail directive for this takeover we broke down the consumer journey for both the Sage Lace and NBA - as they both had to run in parallel to one another and own their own messaging. Sage Lace led with “The Force Is Female” and NBA “All For One”.

Taking the cores assets form both of the campaigns as well as the material pallets we were able to design a consistent consumer journey from windows through to floor. We created different mannequin moments with walkthroughs and shoppable displays bringing to life the core assets. As well as creating a bespoke core sneaker shopping experience for the whole family to be able to be part of.


All For One