Mercedes wanted to launch a concept A-Class car to a new market by showcasing the innovation in a surprising way. A proposition that worked in London as well as 6 different UK Nationwide locations. 



The Concept A-Class was designed to pull in a new demographic for Mercedes so the creative around this launch had to be different to any typical car reveal they had done before.

The car sat in a mirrored box which was wrapped in interactive light tubes creating a layered display and ultimately allowing the car to disappear from sight. The light tubes responded to microphones that were installed into the platform so that consumers could create new light patterns and waves around the mirror box creating an interactive and playful element to the launch. At regular intervals a bespoke soundtrack that we created would begin to play and the mirrored box would open revealing the car within. This created a spectacle and  a moment of excitement and hysteria as people were desperate to get it on their phones before the box closed and the car disappeared. 

The car travelled to 8 locations across the UK and whilst travelling was displayed in a glass truck so that people would be able to follow the journey.