seasonal fashion launch

Take the new collection and launch it in a disruptive way during Press Season and then continue to grow the brand through consecutive seasons showcasing in a different and new way. 


Hobbs SS13-3840.jpg


We worked with Hobbs over a series of seasons to elevate their press launches from what were typical shows into fashion presentations worthy of Fashion week. 

A series of presentations saw us creating hows that press were able to come and go witnessing live models interacting with the space that had been created. Florists and cafes were created for press to wander in and sit and enjoy the true Hobbs experience. It was about creating new experiences each time form creating a catwalk that was actually shot and used for the e-commerce site though to a town house where each room was a different design creating an Alice in wonderland moments. 



Creative Direction
Conception and Ideation
Event Strategy
3D & 2D Design
Production Design