Filling Pieces

A/W19 Men’s Fashion

Week Showroom

Creating the New World today.

Using the A/W19 collection concept from Artist Piet Langeveld, Filling Pieces approached us to create a piece of their New World in one of the oldest buildings in Paris' Republique. Practically, the space had to comfortably accomodate over 160 shoes and a full apparel collection. As just one stop on the fashion week circuit, our task was to create a unique experience that would imprint on the visitor's memory.

To create the new world, we need to build today what we might love tomorrow
— Sércko Horvat

 We created a two stage, immersive experience- the first, a sensory cleansing entrance. A deep, dark corridor insulated from the street with swathes of fabric and filled with a richly scented vapour. This served to cleanse each visitor's palette before they stepped into our New World. The main space, by contrast, was scented with clouds of uplifting cedar and cardamom. An abundant growing space filled with hydroponics and day light lamps, perfectly framing the new collection and conveying the sentiment behind its inspiration. A central apparel display wrapped around tubular growing towers and the building's existing, ancient architecture was seamlessly incorporated into the installation. Upon leaving, each visitor was given a vial of the space's scent as a future reminder of their experience.