Kids Air Max Day

Kids Department of Unimaginable


At the Department of Unimaginable Kids space, the next generation of sneakerheads was fully immersed in the science of the technology found in the airbags that made Air Max an icon. Led by Air Scientists, the Air Recruits learned about several different properties of air through hands-on experiments based in chemistry and physics. There was a decontamination chamber, dry ice bubbles, and an obstacle course based on the Bernoulli Principle, all to illustrate how air can be used in a variety of ways. To finish off their “training”, recruits were tasked with designing their own unique Air Max bubble, using the knowledge gained from the earlier experiments. As they reunited with their parents, each newly graduated “Air Scientist” left with some Air Max swag, their custom shoe design, and a little bit of extra knowledge.

Overall, Air Max Day 2019 in Los Angeles was one for the books. Instead of elaborate retail activations where consumers could purchase and customise limited-edition footwear and related products, Nike focused on bringing their fans into the conversation. It was a chance for consumers to look at the product from a different perspective and who knows? Maybe Nike even discover some new designers along the way.