Air Max Day

Educate on Air

The Air Max owes its long history to three key figures, designers who have shaped the icon over the years. Let’s celebrate their unique approach to this fan favourite and also inspire a new audience to gEt involved


We created a three their approach to this campaign collaborating with Nike and the neighbourhood stores. 

We created a series of installations in secondary stores on the build up to Air Max day creating buzz and drive to the Nike flagship store. All the while constantly telling the story of the designers to educate consumers each store celebrated one famous designer. Limited edition giveaways were created in each of the stores to add an interactive element. 

We then took over the sneaker cube in NTL bringing the campaign to life and creating a space where people could be immersed in everything Air Max. We created a new consumer journey including a unique customisation offering. 

We finally created a unique takeaway moment in the heart of NTL for launch day, Taking the idea of the Air Max to new heights we captured consumers mid air on a 360 bullet camera with a final gif being supplied of them frozen mid air.